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Nestled beneath the earth’s surface, Orlovača Cave unveils a mesmerizing underground wonderland, consisting of four interconnected levels. Each level offers a unique and awe-inspiring experience for adventurous souls and nature enthusiasts.

The Sinjeve River Subterranean Flow (Lowest Level)

The lowest level of Orlovača Cave hosts the active subterranean course of the Sinjeve River. This remarkable underground river paints a captivating picture, but its challenging dimensions and occasional flooding have kept it largely untouched by human presence. As a result, there are no traces of human activity or paleontological remains in this enchanting realm.

The Entrance Corridor (Slightly Higher)

Ascending to the next level, you’ll find the entrance corridor. While this passage occasionally becomes active during heavy rains, it remains a less-traveled part of the cave due to its challenging dimensions. This section holds secrets waiting to be discovered, with the potential for unique findings and experiences.

The Grand Main Channel (Main Attraction)

Moving higher, you’ll reach the heart of Orlovača Cave—the grand main channel. Here, the cave opens up, offering spacious passages that are easy to navigate. This level is a treasure trove of stunning cave formations, where you’ll encounter an array of breathtaking stalagmites, stalactites, and crystal formations. In the initial part of this channel, numerous paleontological discoveries have been made, adding to the allure of this underground wonder.

The Uppermost Level (Hidden Chambers)

The highest level of the cave spans a mere 14 meters, consisting of three smaller chambers. It connects with the main channel, offering a unique perspective. Throughout this level, you’ll find the remains of cave bears, a testament to the cave’s rich history. In total, approximately 2,500 meters of cave passages have been explored so far.

Nature’s Masterpiece Unveiled

Orlovača Cave is a testament to nature’s artistry and a repository of paleontological treasures. Its stalagmites and stalactites come in various forms and sizes, with some reaching over half a meter in thickness. These formations showcase a spectrum of colors, from pristine white to various shades of red due to iron oxide deposits. Some even create captivating columns when stalagmites connect with stalactites on the cave ceiling.

As you explore Orlovača Cave, keep an eye out for unique helictite formations, albeit smaller in size, a testament to the cave’s intricate beauty. Marvel at the phenomena of “cave milk” and “cave pearls,” adding to the cave’s enchantment.

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