Bridge Under the Bridge | Most ispod mosta | Goražde

…The Marvel of War Architecture in Goražde…

In the heart of Goražde lies a remarkable relic of resistance known as the “Bridge Under the Bridge,” a symbol of defiance built during the 1994 war to allow passage across the Drina River. Today, this extraordinary bridge is in a state of deterioration, but its fascinating history and significance endure.

Crafted with wire and makeshift wooden planks by the ingenious artisan Selver Sijerčić, the bridge became a lifeline during the war, saving countless lives. Amidst enemy snipers and constant bombardment, brave souls ventured across the bridge, knowing they owed their survival to its creator.

The “Bridge Under the Bridge” stands as a war architectural monument and a captivating attraction on the city’s tourist map. However, time has taken its toll on the structure, with its central section already in ruins, and access restricted to the right bank only.


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