Sarajevo – Goražde – Višegrad – Sarajevo in 1 day

Take off an exciting one-day trip from Sarajevo to the charming towns of Goražde and Višegrad in East Bosnia. Our journey began with a delightful stop at Bijele Vode in Ilino, a fascinating ethno-village complex with cozy motels, quaint cottages for rent, a playground, a small pool, and lovely dining spaces.

Bijele Vode in Ilino

After rejuvenating ourselves, we continued on a winding and slightly bumpy road towards Goražde.

Memorial Park to British soldiers

As we ventured further on the road to Goražde, we couldn’t resist exploring the deeply moving Memorial Park that pays tribute to the brave British soldiers who fought valiantly in the region. The serene atmosphere and well-maintained memorials provided a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made during wartime.

Turbeta Sijerčića

Continuing our journey, we encountered Turbeta Sijerčića, an National Monument cemetery with its rich historical significance etched into every weathered tombstone.

Memorial park Rorovi

Our next stop, memorial park Rorovi, revealed a poignant scene that bore witness to the tumultuous events of the 1990s Bosnian war. This serene place, with its picturesque surroundings, serves as a solemn monument, reminding us of the resilience and courage displayed by the people during those challenging times. As we stood there, we couldn’t help but reflect on the importance of preserving history and cherishing the peace that now graces this once-troubled land.

Swimmers in River Drina

Arriving at the heart of Goražde, we found ourselves enchanted by the mesmerizing Drina River promenade. The sight of carefree swimmers dipping into the inviting, crystal-clear waters was a testament to the region’s enchanting allure.

One of the highlights of the day was our visit to the intriguing Bridge under the Bridge, a symbol of defiance built during the 1994 war to allow passage across the Drina River.

Church of St. George in Sopotnica

Exiting Goražde, we made a memorable stop at the Church of St. George in Sopotnica, renowned for housing the first printing press in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The breathtaking Drina River canyon offered a stunning backdrop as we headed to Panama Resort in Međeđa for a delightful trout lunch. Our adventure continued with a visit to the confluence of the Lim and Drina Rivers, and finally, we arrived in Višegrad.

Višegrad welcomed us with the iconic Mehmed-paša Sokolović Bridge and the enchanting Andricgrad, where we admired the bridge’s beauty and relished scrumptious treats at the Belvedere confectionery.


As the sun set, we bid farewell to Višegrad, passing through the scenic landscapes of Rogatica on our way back to Sarajevo, cherishing the memories of a truly unforgettable day trip.

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