Livno Wild Horses

Discover the untamed charm of the Livno region in western Bosnia, where a population of over two hundred wild horses roams freely amidst the plains and foothills of Cincar Mountain. These majestic creatures found refuge here almost fifty years ago, left behind by owners who transitioned to mechanized farming. Enduring harsh winters, natural predators, and past conflicts, these horses have adapted to survive independently, even digging through snow to find nourishing grass.

Despite their self-sufficiency, a dedicated network of volunteers, including local mountaineers and even a compassionate group of motorcycle enthusiasts, tirelessly protect and preserve the horses year-round. According to local legend, these proud Bosnian horses seldom cross the main road that divides Livno from the neighboring town of Kupres, reflecting the town’s strong Bosnian identity.

The horses have become an integral part of Livno’s identity, rivaling the town’s renowned local cheeses. Guided tours now allow visitors to explore the horses’ natural habitat, attracting a growing number of tourists throughout the summer. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the horses and their surroundings, where gentle breezes, serene silence, and a profound sense of tranquility await. Embrace the freedom to wander, just like these magnificent creatures.

Wild Horses in Livno

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