Jablanicko Lake | Jablaničko jezero


Jablaničko Lake is an artificial reservoir situated on the Neretva River, in the northern region of Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Stretching from Konjic to Jablanica, alongside the M-17 highway, this picturesque lake was created in 1953 following the construction of an 80-meter high arch dam on the Neretva River, located 5 km upstream from Jablanica.

Jablaničko Lake has become a beloved weekend retreat, renowned for its serene environment ideal for fishing, peaceful rafting, swimming, and camping. The area is dotted with numerous restaurants offering local delicacies.



The lake is teeming with various fish species, including trout, glavatica, carp, babushka, and many others, making it a paradise for fishing enthusiasts.

Peaceful Rafting | Splavarenje


In recent years, the expansive and wide waters of Jablaničko Lake have made it a prime spot for peaceful rafting.


This unique experience offers a fresh perspective of the stunning blue waters, providing an unforgettable visual treat for visitors. Rafts equipped with refreshments, meals, and even barbecue facilities are a special attraction.



The most popular beaches include Peta in Paprasko, located along the M-17 highway, and the Čivelj beach in Gornje Paprasko, 8 km from Jablanica.

The Čivelj beach features a summer café-bar, diving platforms, and gravel-covered swimming areas with concrete paths leading into the water.




Several smaller campsites and auto-camps are scattered around the lake in locations such as Orahovica, Ostrožac, Buturović Polje, and Čivelj.


Accommodation options range from villas to weekend cottages, all available at very reasonable prices.

Glamping Bagrem

Charming Settlements


Ostrožac is a popular lakeside settlement known for its large iron bridge and famous kajmak-stuffed pastries.

Čelebići, where the Idbar River merges with the Neretva, features a beautiful waterfall near a cave, adjacent to a namesake restaurant.

The area is also home to an eco-village and nearly thirty medieval tombs.

Hiking & Biking Adventures

Along the Neretvica River, hidden among wooded and chestnut-rich areas, visitors can discover pristine natural beauty.


Explore waterfalls, coves, and well-maintained swimming spots, then venture further to Mount Zec and its peak, Vitreuša, standing at 1919 meters above sea level. This unique destination is perfect for adrenaline sports enthusiasts. Continue to the village of Požetva, where sunlit wheat fields, depicted by world-renowned painters, open up new adventures for those seeking peace and harmony with nature.

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