Boracko Lake | Boračko jezero


Discover the breathtaking beauty of Boračko Lake, one of the most stunning natural mountain lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Situated at the foot of Mount Prenj, at an elevation of 397 meters, this lake was formed in the Boračka Valley through the process of glacial erosion, making it the only glacial lake in this part of Herzegovina.


A haven for nature enthusiasts, Boračko Lake is a beloved destination for youth, scouting groups, and anyone seeking to indulge in delicious local fish dishes.


The surreal emerald-green waters reach a balmy 25°C in August, contrasting with the coldest temperatures of 0°C in February.


Fed by the Borački Stream and numerous surrounding springs, the lake boasts a rich biodiversity, earning it the reputation as a paradise for anglers.


From carp to trout and crayfish, the lake is teeming with various fish species, enriching its aquatic ecosystem.


Enhancing the allure of the lake are its banks adorned with water lilies and reeds, as well as the unique vistas of the neighboring mountains of Bjelašnica, Visočica, and Prenj.


Just a 30-minute drive from the center of Konjic, its proximity to the Neretva River canyon and Mount Prenj makes it an ideal base for a wide array of activities.


The possibilities are endless, from leisurely strolls and cycling to adrenaline-pumping quad rides and serene canoe trips.


Whether swimming, fishing, or simply basking under the starlit sky by a campfire in a tent or bungalow, Boračko Lake promises an unforgettable outdoor experience.


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