Pliva Waterfall | Plivski vodopad | Jajce


The Pliva Waterfall is one of the main attractions in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the center of the town, where the Pliva River meets the Vrbas River from where the they continue to Sava River.


The waterfall is about 22 meters high and its unique feature is that it flows from the bottom up, creating a natural hydro-geological phenomenon.


The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and a park, which makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and recreation like zipline.


The Pliva Waterfall is one of the 12 most beautiful waterfalls in the world according to National Geographic.

The best view of the waterfall is provided by the lookout point at the entrance to the city, in the street “Drugog zasjedanja AVNOJ-a” and the lookout point under the Jajce-Banjaluka main road.

In addition to the waterfall, visitors can also explore the nearby Pliva Lakes, which offer opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and swimming.

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