Etno Selo

Etno selo, or ethno village, is a tourist concept that showcases traditional Bosnian architecture, customs, and way of life. It is a village or a settlement that preserves the traditional lifestyle and culture of the region, and offers tourists an opportunity to experience and learn about the local customs, crafts, and cuisine.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are several ethno villages that offer a unique and authentic experience for tourists, such as:

  • Etno Avlija Mačkovac near Banovići,
  • Etno Selo Stanišići near Bijeljina,
  • Etno Selo Herceg near Medjugorje,
  • Etno Selo Semešnica near Donji Vakuf,
  • Etno Selo Babici near Trebinje,
  • Etno Selo Cardaci in Vitez,
  • Etno Selo Ljubačke Doline near Banja Luka,
  • Etno Selo Raj u raju near Konjic,
  • Etno Selo Čardaklije near Bosanski Petrovac,
  • Etno Selo Stanari in Doboj,
  • Etno Selo Hajducka Vrata in Kupres,
  • Etno Selo Bakici in Konjic,
  • Etno Selo Breza in Breza,
  • Etno Selo Ćirovići in Foca,
  • Etno Selo Prenj in Mostar,
  • Etno Selo Ogorjelica in Pale…

Each ethno village has its own distinct features and offers a variety of activities, such as hiking, rafting, fishing, traditional crafts workshops, and traditional Bosnian cuisine.

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