Via Dinarica

The Via Dinarica trail is a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing, camping, rafting, and wandering. This mega trail is comprised of three separate trails, each with its own exciting challenges and spanning multiple countries in the Balkans. In this post, we’ll delve into the details of each sub-trail along the incredible Via Dinarica.

The Via Dinarica Trail traverses several Balkan countries, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania. Among these countries, the trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina stands out as the most awe-inspiring due to its stunning mountain ranges. Additionally, the Via Dinarica offers thrilling rafting experiences on the Neretva, Tara, and Una rivers. One particular gem along the Bosnia and Herzegovina trail is the captivating town of Trebinje, guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding adventurers.

The entire Via Dinarica trail presents an ideal opportunity for mountain bikers, hikers, and skiers seeking the adventure of a lifetime.

Let’s explore the three separate trails that make up the Via Dinarica mega trail:

  1. The White Trail:
    • The White Trail serves as the primary route of the Via Dinarica mega trail, following the natural flow of the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps.
    • Primarily designed for hiking, it also offers excellent opportunities for mountain biking and rafting.
    • The White Trail passes through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania.
    • This trail is recommended for experienced and well-equipped mountaineers.
  2. The Blue Trail:
    • The Blue Trail diverts towards the Croatian coast, running in close proximity to the Adriatic Sea.
    • While still encompassing mountainous terrains, the peaks on this trail are smaller compared to the White Trail.
    • The trail is infused with the aroma of Adriatic herbs and the invigorating scent of the sea.
    • It covers the best European coastal and hinterland hiking routes, traversing Slovenia, Croatia, a small part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and concluding in Albania.
  3. The Green Trail:
    • The Green Trail meanders through conifer forests in the lower mountains of the Dinaric Alps.
    • It caters to two-wheeled adventurers, with hundreds of kilometers of well-maintained mountain bike trails.
    • The trail is teeming with wildlife and offers an excellent experience for hiking and walking enthusiasts as well.
    • The Green Trail commences in Slovenia and passes through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Kosovo.

Whether you’re an experienced mountaineer seeking a challenging expedition or an individual looking for a more relaxed hike, the Via Dinarica mega trail has something to offer. Embark on an unforgettable journey through the picturesque landscapes of the Balkans and discover the beauty and excitement of the Via Dinarica.

Here are some captivating destinations along the magnificent Via Dinarica Trails:


Visocica Mountain | Planina Visočica

Visočica Mountain, a hidden wonder in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is adorned with a unique sloping plateau, beautiful water sources, and towering peaks. The mountain features geological traces of glaciation, attractive high-altitude villages reflecting traditional Bosnian life, a historical site with medieval tombstones, and adventurous climbing opportunities. The Zoran Simic Shelter offers a stunning architectural respite on the famous multi-nation Via Dinarica hiking route, enhancing the tourism experience.

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Cincar Mountain | Planina Cincar

Cincar Mountain, standing at an impressive height of 2,006 meters, is the highest peak in western Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of the Dinaric Alps chain, this mountain dominates the landscape with its vast dimensions of approximately 20 kilometers by 20 kilometers. One of the notable features of Cincar Mountain is its expansive grassy spaces,

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Martin Brod

Explore Martin Brod, where the Unac River merges with the Una, forming a captivating haven of untouched natural beauty. Home to the largest waterfall complex in the “Una” National Park, this medieval town, dating back to the 14th or 15th century, boasts Milančev Buk’s 800m waterfall. Two scenic hiking trails, exceptional fly fishing spots, and the historic Rmanj Monastery add to the allure.

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Unac Kanyon | Kanjon rijeke Unac

Unac Canyon, also known as Unac River Canyon, is a scenic natural wonder located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The canyon is formed by the Unac River, which flows through the central part of the country, near the town of Martin Brod. Unac Canyon is renowned for its stunning beauty, with steep cliffs, lush greenery, and

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Blihe Waterfall | Vodopad Blihe | Donji Kamengrad near Sanski Most

Discover the hidden allure of Blihe Waterfall, nestled near Sanski Most between Fajtovci and Kamengrad villages. Just 14 kilometers from Sanski Most, this 60-meter natural marvel captivates with its cascading beauty. A short, scenic walk through the forest leads to the breathtaking sight, offering tranquility and a connection with nature. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring surroundings and extend your adventure by exploring the nearby Beaver cave, revealing secrets of prehistoric inhabitants.

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Klekovaca Mountain | Planina Klekovača

Klekovaca Mountain is a picturesque mountain range located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically in the central part of the country. It is part of the Dinaric Alps and offers breathtaking natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and numerous recreational opportunities. Rising to an elevation of around 1,963 meters, Klekovaca Mountain is known for its rugged peaks, dense

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