Blihe Waterfall | Vodopad Blihe | Donji Kamengrad near Sanski Most

…A Hidden Gem Near Sanski Most…


Located between the lovely villages of Fajtovci and Kamengrad, just 14 kilometers from Sanski Most, is the enchanting Bliha waterfall.

This miracle of nature is about 60 meters high, and in periods of high water flow, it reveals its splendor by the spreading of the waterfall.

A Natural Marvel to Behold

The Bliha waterfall is not just a sight to see – it is a geomorphological wonder that stands as proof of the artistic power of nature.


As you approach, you are greeted by the stunning sight of gracefully sinking water, ready to take you into its serene embrace.


A Pathway to Tranquility


Going on a trip to the Bliha waterfall is an experience in itself, because the path that leads to the waterfall offers visitors an easy walk through the picturesque forest.


In just 10 minutes, you will find yourself surrounded by soothing sounds of nature that will lead you to a cascading spectacle.


A Day of Discovery


If you want to further explore the surrounding area, visit the nearby Beaver cave. This ancient cave holds the secrets of prehistoric inhabitants, adding an element of mystery to your adventure.

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