Aerial view of old bridge in Trebinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Trebinje Old Town is a must-visit destination for history and architecture lovers. Located on the banks of the Trebisnjica River, the Old Town features a mix of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture, with narrow cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and charming cafes.

One of the main attractions of the Old Town is the Arslanagic Bridge, a beautiful stone bridge built in the Ottoman era. The bridge is a popular spot for photos and offers stunning views of the surrounding area.

Another popular attraction is the Trebinje Museum, which is housed in a former Turkish bathhouse and features a collection of artifacts and exhibits on the history of the city and the region.

Visitors can also explore the Old Town’s many churches, including the Hercegovacka Gracanica, a beautiful Serbian Orthodox church built in the 20th century and modeled after the medieval Gracanica Monastery in Kosovo.

Other notable attractions in the Old Town include the Clock Tower, the Osman-Pasha Mosque, and the Klobuk Tower, which offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding countryside.


In addition to its historical and cultural attractions, Trebinje Old Town is also known for its lively atmosphere, with many restaurants, cafes, and shops offering traditional Bosnian cuisine and handicrafts.

Overall, Trebinje Old Town is a fascinating destination that offers a unique glimpse into the region’s rich history and culture, as well as stunning architecture, delicious food, and a vibrant atmosphere.

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