Vrelo Miljacke

About 20 kilometers southeast of the center of Sarajevo, in Gornje Pale at the foot of Mount Jahorina, at an altitude of 1,010 meters, the Paljanska Miljacka springs forth.

About 13 kilometers further, in the village of Dovlici, it merges with the Mokranjska Miljacka, forming the Miljacka River that flows through Sarajevo.

The area around the source of the Paljanska Miljacka is exceptionally beautiful, especially in spring and autumn when the river’s water level is higher, creating stunning waterfalls cascading over moss-covered travertine blocks.

Just above the spring, there are remains of the medieval fortress called Gradina Pavlovica, and nearby, there is the restaurant “Vrelo Miljacke” with a trout fishery, offering guests fish dishes and specialties of the national cuisine.

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