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Sir iz mijeha

Indulge in the unique flavors of Sir iz mijeha, a distinctive Herzegovinian cheese enclosed within a large sheepskin sack. Crafted from a blend of raw sheep’s and cow’s milk sourced from Pramenka, Busa, and Gatacko breeds, this aged cheese delights with its white or pale yellow hue and robust aromas. Savor it as a delectable …

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Suho meso

…stelja, pastrma, pečenica, suhovina, suhač… Suho meso, a beloved Bosnian delicacy, is created through a meticulous process of salting, drying, and smoking beef over oak fire. The key is to achieve the perfect balance of moisture, requiring skilled craftsmanship and traditional know-how passed down through generations. Traditionally seasoned with garlic or pepper, suho meso holds …

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Livno Cheese | Livanjski sir

Livanjski sir, a delicious cheese originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina, follows the esteemed traditions of Swiss and French cheese production. Introduced in 1886, this cheese was initially crafted solely from sheep’s milk. While many commercially produced varieties today use cow’s milk exclusively, there are still local, family-owned businesses that maintain the traditional combination of sheep’s …

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Vlasic cheese | Vlašički sir

Vlašić cheese is a type of hard, aged cheese that originates from the Vlašić mountain in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is made from sheep’s milk and has a distinct yellow color and strong flavor. The cheese is typically aged for at least six months and is often grated over dishes or served as a table …

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