Igman Mountain | Planina Igman

…Sarajevo’s lungs…


Discover Igman, a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, just southwest of Sarajevo. Despite being the smallest of Sarajevo’s mountains with highest peak at 1647 meters, Igman has its own unique charm and a rich history.

Natural Beauty and Greenery

Igman boasts dense forests, often referred to as “Sarajevo’s lungs.”

Wildlife on Igman


Igman is a natural habitat for large predators such as bears, wolves, wildcats, and even smaller game like foxes, while deer used to be numerous. Among small game, there are rabbits and dormice that inhabit the beech forests.

Outdoor Activities


For thrill-seekers, Igman is a playground offering a variety of activities. Hike & bike through its scenic trails, crafted by passionate mountaineers who’ve established cozy lodges like Hrasnički stan, Igman, and Javornik.

Lodge Hrasnicki stan


Winter turns Igman into a snow paradise, with as many as 39 kilometers of trails for Nordic skiing, of which 15 kilometers are in full operation.


Families can enjoy nine ski slopes suitable for children along with cable cars, while the remains of Olympic ski jumps damaged and never rebuilt in the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina add a nostalgic touch to the landscape.

Winter Sports Legacy


Igman played a significant role in the 14th Winter Olympics, hosting various events (cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, biathlon events and ski jumping) alongside Jahorina, Trebević, and Bjelašnica.


Today, however, Igman’s ski jump enriches the sports scene, especially when it comes to challenging events like the Red Bull 400 or Igman 10K, which attract brave athletes from all over the world to test their limits and enjoy a unique experience of sports adrenaline adventure.

Historical Significance

Igman holds memories of World War II as well as the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina in ’90.

Monument to the Igman March


Key among its treasures is the monument to the Igman March (Igmanski marš), an emblem of its historical importance.

Igman War Mosque


Other notable landmarks include the Igman war mosque, Šehitluk Mrazište, and the monument dedicated to diplomats.

Today, it stands as a quiet witness to the past, inviting visitors to explore its stories.

Extreme Temperatures

Igman holds the record for the lowest recorded temperature in the region at -43°C (1963), a result of frequent temperature inversions.


On clear days, the mountain offers stunning panoramic views stretching all the way to Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea.

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Hotel Monti


Whether you’re seeking a quiet retreat or an active adventure, Igman has something for everyone. Explore the trails, delve into history, and experience the natural beauty of this Bosnian mountain, all just a short distance from Sarajevo.

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