The Memorial Museum “Birthplace of Ivo Andrić” | Memorijalni muzej “Rodna kuća Ive Andrića” | Travnik

Journey Through Literary Brilliance: Ivo Andrić’s Birthplace



Discover the captivating world of Ivo Andrić, Nobel Prize winner in Literature, born on October 9, 1892. Step into the Memorial Museum, a time capsule reconstructed in 1974, celebrating the life and brilliance of this literary maestro.

Explore Andrić’s legacy through a curated exhibition showcasing his most enchanting works.


“Bosnian Chronicle,” a historical tapestry of his hometown, unfolds its secrets within these walls.

The Vizier’s Elephant from the idea in ‘The Vizier’s Elephant,’ one of Andrić’s short stories depicting life in Travnik.


“The Story of Vizier’s Elephant” and “Glass” transport you to the allure of Ottoman administration, a literary journey like no other.


Immerse yourself in the poetic charm of Andrić’s birthplace, where every corner whispers tales of the Nobel laureate’s inspiration.


A must-visit for literature enthusiasts and history buffs alike, this museum promises a brief yet profound encounter with the magic of Ivo Andrić’s literary world.


Uncover the essence of Bosnia and Herzegovina through the lens of a literary genius – an experience as timeless as the pages he penned.

Enhance your visit to Ivo Andrić’s birth home by immersing yourself in “Ex Ponto,” featuring an exclusive restaurant and versatile space with accompanying cultural activities.

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