Karlo Paržik

Karlo Paržik

Explore the architectural legacy of Karlo Paržik, a Czech-born architect who played a pivotal role in shaping Sarajevo’s urban fabric during his almost six-decade-long presence. His works encompass the iconic Zemaljski muzej (National Museum), the neorenaissance Marijin dvor, the unique Sarajevska sinagoga (Sarajevo Synagogue), and the versatile Evangelistička crkva (Evangelical Church), showcasing his architectural prowess. Paržik’s designs also extended to significant structures like Vijećnica (City Hall) and the revived Hotel Evropa, leaving an indelible mark on Sarajevo’s architectural heritage.

Academy of Fine Arts | Akademija likovnih umjetnosti | Sarajevo

View this post on Instagram A post shared by lll.ba Bosnia & Herzegovina Travel Guide (@discover_bosnia_herzegovina) Immerse yourself in the world of creativity and talent at the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, an esteemed faculty within the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Founded in 1972 by renowned professors and acclaimed artists, the academy nurtures …

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National Museum of B&H | Zemaljski muzej B&H | Sarajevo

Discover the rich cultural heritage of Bosnia & Herzegovina at the National Museum, the oldest museum institution in the country. Established in 1888 during the Austro-Hungarian rule, this museum boasts a stunning neorenaissance building designed by architect Karlo Paržik. Its diverse collections are organized into sections such as archaeology, ethnology, and natural sciences, showcasing remarkable artifacts like the renowned Sarajevska hagada, a traditional Jewish book. The museum’s botanical garden, a unique oasis within its complex, was founded in 1913 by botanist Karlo Maly and features over 3,000 plant species, offering visitors a chance to explore exotic trees and a romantic floral ambiance.

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