Vranica Mountain | Planina Vranica

Vranica is a captivating mountain located between Fojnica and Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s nestled between the watersheds of the Vrbas, Bosna, and Neretva rivers.

This ancient geological wonder has witnessed the shaping forces of both younger Tertiary and Quaternary processes, giving it its final form and height. The Vranica peaks are mostly dome-shaped and covered in earth, grass, and various vegetation. Below 1000 meters, you’ll find fields, meadows, and pastures. Between 1000 and 1600 meters, coniferous forests intermingle with deciduous greenery. Beyond 1600 meters, you enter the realm of alpine pastures.

Nestled at the mountain’s foothills, you’ll discover charming villages where the locals primarily engage in livestock farming and some agriculture. Especially in the Fojnica and Bugojno regions, shepherds traditionally bring their herds to the mountain during the summer.

Standing tall within this picturesque range is its highest peak, Nadkrstac, soaring to an elevation of 2112 meters. Vranica is a hiker’s paradise with its gentle slopes, abundant pastures, surface waters, and several peaks exceeding 2000 meters above sea level.

For adventure seekers, an exciting day trip entails exploring five Vranica peaks over 2000 meters Rosinj (2059 m), Devetaci (2004 m), Nadkrstac (2112 m), Krstac (2069 m) and Ločika (2106 m) and a visit to Prokoško Lake, nestled beneath Krstac.

Take a rest at Rosinj Mountain Hut and take a look at a botanical garden (Arboretum) spanning around 500 square meters, showcasing the unique flora of the Vranica massif.

Don’t miss the breathtaking Ždrimački Waterfall!

In winter, Vranica transforms into a skiing spot on Mount Brusnica.

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