Prokosko Lake | Prokoško jezero

Situated amidst the stunning Vranica mountain range, Prokoško Lake is a glacial wonder waiting to be explored. Just 22 kilometers from Fojnica, at an elevation of 1670 meters above sea level, this nomadic village is cut off from the world for 6 months of the year.

Getting there is an adventure in itself, with an asphalt road leading to the village of Tocila, followed by a scenic gravel road alongside the Jezernica river, taking you to Vlaški ravni and Hrid.

Prokoško Lake’s clear waters are fed by springs and rainfall, making it a year-round attraction. Above the lake stands Nadkrstac, Vranica’s highest peak, reaching 2112 meters. The lake’s unique basin is a result of various natural processes, creating a stunning landscape with depths of up to 13 meters.

One of the lake’s special residents is the Alpine newt, known as Raizer’s newt. The lake and its surroundings are also home to various plant and animal species. Unfortunately, California trout were introduced to the lake, unintentionally harming the newt population.

The lake’s surroundings feature traditional shepherd huts known as ‘katuni,’ where locals bring their cattle, gather wild berries, and make cheese during the warmer months. Some even offer these huts to tourists for a unique experience.

Prokoško Lake is a protected natural monument, and the surrounding area was designated as a regional park in 1984. Its unique landscape has made it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. However, recent construction of weekend cottages and modifications to the lake’s dam have altered the landscape.


The tourist offer on Prokoško Lake is available in the second half of May to the end of October.

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