What to do in Tuzla?

Tuzla is a city located in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the third-largest city in the country and serves as the administrative center of the Tuzla Canton. The city has a rich history and a diverse cultural heritage, with influences from various civilizations.

It is one of the oldest settlements in Europe with a continuous history of habitation, traces its roots back to a Neolithic salt-producing community. The city’s unique connection to salt is embedded in its name variations throughout history, reflecting its significance in various languages. The exploitation of salt sources became more organized during the Ottoman period, establishing Tuzla as a pivotal town based on salt production. Over the years, the city’s narrative has transcended time and national boundaries, exemplified by its resilience during pivotal moments in Europe, the Balkans, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tuzla’s citizens have consistently approached challenges “with a grain of salt” (“Cum grano salis”), fostering unity and resilience, notably evident during World War II and the conflicts of the 1990s. Today, Tuzla stands as a symbol of human rights protection and freedom amidst historical upheavals.

Here are some recommendations for things to do in Tuzla:

Visit the Freedom Square (Trg Slobode)

Explore the central square of Tuzla, known as Freedom Square, which stands as the largest square in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The space is adorned with a reconstructed Baroque building from the Austro-Hungarian era, the Čaršijska Mosque, and a fountain dating back to the Ottoman period. Uncover archaeological treasures at the square, featuring significant remnants of historical artifacts. This vibrant area is designed for social gatherings and various events. Take a seat in one of the cafes, and observe the lively atmosphere of this popular gathering spot for locals.

Relax at Panonian Salt Lakes


Enjoy a leisurely afternoon at Panonian Salt Lakes, the only salt lakes in Europe, conveniently located in the city center.


This unique complex features three lakes, Saltwater Falls, and attractions like the Archaeological Park and “Pannonica” Geological Museum. Offering mineral-rich waters with therapeutic benefits, the lakes have drawn millions of visitors.


Don’t miss the distinctive Saltwater Falls, an open-air health center providing stress relief and respiratory benefits. Immerse yourself in Tuzla’s wonders, combining history, wellness, and recreation for an unforgettable European getaway.

Enjoy in City Parks

Tuzla boasts numerous enchanting parks providing a serene escape amidst nature. Among these, Located within the pedestrian zone of Tuzla’s historic core, Gradski Park stands out as a popular choice, featuring lush green expanses, scenic walking paths, and inviting benches for relaxation amidst the picturesque surroundings.

Immerse yourself in the park’s ambiance adorned with monuments inspired by the Bosnian medieval era. At its heart, the statue of the first Bosnian king, Tvrtko I Kotromanić, commands attention, accompanied by a stone obelisk inscribed with the text of the Charter of Kulin Ban. Additionally, the park offers a seamless pedestrian connection to the Panonski jezera complex via a bridge, enhancing the overall experience.

Noteworthy is also Slana Banja, situated on the slopes of Gradina hill, meticulously maintained and adorned with sculptures and monuments commemorating victims of both World War II and the 1990s Bosnian conflict. This area serves as an ideal space for leisurely strolls and contemplation, providing a poignant setting to reflect on recent history. Explore the connectivity facilitated by the pedestrian bridge, linking Centralni gradski park with the Slana Banja complex and the historic city center, forming a cohesive network between these prominent pedestrian zones.

Explore the Old Town (Stari Grad)

Take a stroll through the historic Old Town area of Tuzla. Discover the poignant history of Tuzla Massacre Memorial – Kapija, the site of shattered youth. In the heart of Tuzla, 71 young lives were tragically cut short, and 150 individuals were wounded by a grenade launched from the positions of the Army of Republika Srpska on Ozren on May 25, 1995. Join us in honoring their memory and reflecting on this somber moment in our shared past.

Visit the iconic meeting point of Meša Selimović and Ismet Mujezinović, Tuzla’s most renowned figures. Nestled in the heart of the city on Tuzla’s Korzo, the monument to this celebrated painter and writer has become a cultural rendezvous. Planning to meet someone? Simply say ‘at Meša and Ismet’s,’ and everyone will understand the significance of this cultural landmark in the city of salt.

Discover Local Museums & Attend a Cultural Events

Delve into the depths of the Salt Museum, unveiling the intriguing tale of salt mining that has shaped the region’s identity.


Witness traditional extraction methods and unravel the economic and cultural significance of salt.

Immerse yourself in the canvas of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s artistry at the International Portrait Gallery Tuzla. Established in 1964, this national monument boasts over 5000 artworks, celebrating contemporary portraits, the legacy of Ismet Mujezinović, and iconic figures like Tito. With a library housing 3000+ units and active cultural initiatives, the gallery stands as a dynamic cultural hub, inviting you to explore the fusion of history and creativity.

Step into the ‘Kuća bosanskog jezika,’ a permanent museum dedicated to the rich history of the Bosnian language and culture. The museum spans two sections, featuring artifacts from the Charter of Kulin ban (1189) to the 1994 Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitution. Discover linguistic treasures such as Povelja bana Stjepana II Kotromanića, Kunovski zapis, and the first Bosnian-Turkish dictionary by Muhamed Hevaija Uskufija, a testament to the enduring cultural legacy of Bosnia and its language. Unearth the roots of Bosnian culture through this captivating exploration.

Taste Traditional Cuisine

Indulge in the delicious flavors of Bosnian cuisine by trying local dishes in Tuzla’s restaurants and cafes.


Don’t miss out on cevapi (grilled meat) at well known Limenka!

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