Medieval Tombstones Graveyards | Stećci

Stećci–Medieval Tombstones Graveyards were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List on July 15 2016.

This serial property includes a selection of 4000 medieval tombstones (stećci) at 28 sites on the territory of four states: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia, Montenegro, and Republic of Serbia.  Stećci bear an exceptional testimony to the medieval culture of Southeast Europe that was developed within a unique historical context in an area where traditions and influences of the European West, East and South meet.

There are several fundamental characteristics that distinguish stećci from the overall corpus of the European, and the world’s, medieval heritage and sepulchral art: a large number of preserved monuments (over 70,000), the diversity of forms in which they were hewed, the richness of decorative reliefs, epigraphy, multi-confessionality and wealth of intangible heritage related to stećci.

Recognizing their Outstanding Universal Value, the World Heritage Committee has designated Stećci–Medieval Tombstones Graveyards as a World Heritage site.

Stećci Medieval Tombstones Graveyards in Bosnia & Herzegovina

1. Necropolis in Radimlja – Stolac, FBiH

Necropolis | Stečci | Radimlja near Stolac

2. Necropolis Biskup – Konjic, FBiH

3 .Necropolis Kalufi – Nevesinje, RS

4. Necropolis Borak (Han Stjenički Plato) Village Burati-Rogatica, RS

5. Necropolis Maculje – Novi Travnik, FBiH

6. Necropolis Dugo Polje – Jablanica, FBiH

Necropolis | Stečci | Dugo Polje

7. Necropolis Gvozno – Kalinovik, RS

Necropolis | Stećci | Gvozno near Kalinovik

8. Necropolis Grebnice-Bunčići in the village Radmilovića Dubrava – Bileća, RS

9. Necropolis Bijača – Ljubuški, FBiH

10. Necropolis in Olovci near Kladanj – Kladanj, FBiH

11. Necropolis on the site Mramor in Musići, Olovo, FBiH

Necropolis | Stečci | Mramor in Musići near Olovo

12. Necropolis Kučarin – Donje Polje near the village of Žilići, Goražde, FBiH

Necropolis | Stečci | Kučarin

13. Necropolis Boljuni, Stolac, FBiH

14. Necropolis Umoljani, Trnovo, FBiH

15. Necropolis in Luburića Polje, Sokolac, RS

16. Necropolis Potkuk in Bitunja, Berkovići, RS

17. Necropolis in the village of Bečani, Šekovići, RS

18. Necropolis on the site Mramor (Crkvina) in Vrbica, Foča, RS

19. Necropolis Čengića Bara, Kalinovik, RS

20. Necropolis Ravanjska Vrata, Kupres, FBiH

Necropolis | Stečci | Ravanjska vrata Kupres

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