…Poached apples cake… Tufahija, a delightful Bosnian dessert, features tender apples poached in a sweet syrup of water and sugar, before being filled with a luscious cream made from almonds or walnuts. After a brief bake, the dessert is adorned with a sugar syrup glaze. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Hajrudin […]

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View this post on Instagram A post shared by Discover Bosnia & Herzegovina @ lll.ba (@discover_bosnia_herzegovina) Kadaif, a delightful Bosnian dessert, combines shredded kadayıf dough with a luscious nut filling, commonly made with chopped walnuts. While there are rolled variations, kadaif is typically prepared in layers, with the butter-coated kadayıf threads sandwiching the nut filling.

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Savor Bosnian Gurabija cookies, a classic dessert rooted in oriental cuisine. With a distinctive sugar cube decoration, these beloved treats suit any occasion—dessert, snack, or breakfast with milk.

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…Bosnian apple pie… Jabukovača, a delightful Bosnian apple pie hailing from Sarajevo, is a mouthwatering treat resembling baklava, but with the delicious twist of chopped apples. The delicate dough is layered with a delightful mixture of apples, sugar, vanilla sugar, walnuts, and a touch of lemon juice. Once rolled and baked, this aromatic dessert is

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Roses | Ružice

Ružice, also known as đul-pita, is a delectable Bosnian baklava variation featuring yufka sheets filled with a delightful mixture of ground walnuts, melted butter, and optional raisins. The rolled and cut pieces are arranged in a baking dish to resemble charming roses or rosebuds. Once baked to perfection, these sweet treats are generously drizzled with

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Indulge in the exquisite Bosnian dessert, Hurmašica, known for its unique grated design. Crafted from butter, eggs, sugar, and flour, the dough is soaked in a delectable lemon-infused sugar syrup. Variations may feature coconut or walnuts. Cherished year-round, Hurmašica holds a cultural importance, especially during religious festivities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Indulge in the delectable taste of Smokvara, a beloved traditional dessert from Herzegovina. This sweet treat features a rich, dark-brown dough made with fig pekmez, wheat and corn flour, sugar, oil, and water. Baked into flat disks and soaked in a luscious sherbet of pekmez, sugar, and water, Smokvara is the perfect companion to savor

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Baklava holds a special place in the culinary heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Traditional Bosnian Baklava In Bosnia and Herzegovina, baklava is a beloved dessert that is often enjoyed during special occasions, family gatherings, and holidays such as Eid. Traditional Bosnian baklava is made with layers of delicate filo pastry, finely ground walnuts, sugar, and

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