How to Come to Bosnia & Herzegovina?

There are several ways to come to Bosnia and Herzegovina, depending on your starting point and travel preferences.

By plane

Bosnia and Herzegovina has several international airports, including Sarajevo International Airport, Banja Luka International Airport, Mostar International Airport, and Tuzla International Airport. You can find flights to these airports from major cities in Europe and beyond.

For travelers planning to explore and discover the region beyond just city centers, we also recommend utilizing airports in Croatia such as Dubrovnik International Airport, Split International Airport, and Zadar International Airport. These airports are conveniently located near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing easy access to popular tourist destinations, especially in Herzegovina.

By train

Bosnia and Herzegovina has limited train connections with neighboring countries.

By bus

Buses are a common way to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, with frequent connections from cities in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and other neighboring countries.

Flix bus

By BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is a carpooling service that can be a good option for travelers who want to save money while coming to Bosnia & Herzegovina. However, it’s important to use caution and common sense when using this or any other ridesharing service, especially when traveling in a foreign country. Before booking a ride, be sure to check the driver’s profile and reviews, and communicate clearly about the pickup and drop-off locations and any other details. It’s also a good idea to let someone know your travel plans and keep your phone charged and easily accessible.

By car

If you are driving, private or rented car, you can enter Bosnia and Herzegovina via several border crossings with neighboring countries. It’s mandatory to have a valid driver’s license, familiarize yourself with local traffic regulations, and consider using GPS or navigation apps for hassle-free navigation.

By boat

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a landlocked country, so there are no direct boat connections. However, you can travel to nearby coastal cities in Croatia, Montenegro, or Albania and continue your journey from there.

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