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Vranica Mountain | Planina Vranica

Vranica, a captivating mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a geological marvel split by several rivers and dotted with dome-shaped peaks covered in vegetation. At its lower elevations, you can find fields, meadows, farming villages, and forests, while its higher levels are home to alpine pastures. The highest peak, Nadkrstac, soars to 2112 meters. Rich in flora and fauna, offering adventurous treks to multiple peaks and the breathtaking Ždrimački Waterfall, Vranica is a paradise for hikers.

Waterfalls Kozice | Slapovi Kozice | Fojnica

The Kozice Waterfalls, 11 kilometers from Fojnica in central Bosnia, are a must-visit hideaway for nature lovers. These cascades, ranging from 5 to 20 meters in height, are located in a mesmerizing forest setting with two major falls and a ‘cooling pool’. The seaon does not deter its charm.

Visocica Mountain | Planina Visočica

Visočica Mountain, a hidden wonder in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is adorned with a unique sloping plateau, beautiful water sources, and towering peaks. The mountain features geological traces of glaciation, attractive high-altitude villages reflecting traditional Bosnian life, a historical site with medieval tombstones, and adventurous climbing opportunities. The Zoran Simic Shelter offers a stunning architectural respite on the famous multi-nation Via Dinarica hiking route, enhancing the tourism experience.

Mostarska Bijela

Uncover the enchanting secret of Mostarska Bijela Canyon in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This hidden gem, formed by the Bijela River, beckons nature lovers and adventurers with its pristine waters winding through untouched landscapes. Explore the awe-inspiring canyon, leading to an 80-meter cave where a mesmerizing waterfall awaits. Traverse the icy waters and witness nature’s wonders. Visit between May and June for optimal conditions, bring a headlamp, and let Mostarska Bijela Canyon unveil Bosnia’s captivating beauty. Embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of this natural marvel.


Discover the majestic beauty of Čvrsnica Mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, home to 15 peaks exceeding 2000 meters. Nestled in the Blidinje Nature Park, this haven for nature enthusiasts is bordered by the Neretva River and features the dramatic Dive Grabovice canyon. Čvrsnica offers diverse activities, from hiking the Via Dinarica trail to thrilling Via Ferrata climbs. Protected within the nature park, the mountain hosts unique attractions like Hajdučka Vrata and Crvenjak Glacier Lake. After a day of adventure, unwind at the Hotel & Restaurant Hajdučke Vrleti for a perfect blend of comfort and culinary excellence.

Jahorina Mountain | Planina Jahorina

Jahorina Mountain, situated near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities year-round. Known for hosting 1984 Winter Olympic events, Jahorina is a prominent skiing destination with meticulously maintained trails for all skill levels. Accommodations like cozy cabins are available right within the location’s captivating landscapes. Jahorina is around 30 kilometers from Sarajevo, making it easily accessible.

Bjelasnica Mountain | Planina Bjelašnica

Bjelašnica Mountain, close to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Famous for its selection of winter activities, the mountain also offers year-round hiking and biking adventures along a variety of trails. Visitors can explore the preserved medieval villages and experience the rich history and culture of the area. Ideal for day trips or extended stays, Bjelašnica promises unforgettable experiences with awe-inspiring landscapes and leisurely recreational possibilities.

Tara River | Rijeka Tara

…the deepest canyon in Europe… Discover the mesmerizing beauty of the Tara River in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a true gem for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Flowing through the heart of the stunning Tara Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon, the Tara River offers an unparalleled experience for tourists. …

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