Nestled on the picturesque Bjelašnica mountain at an elevation of 1353 meters, Umoljani is a captivating village just an hour’s drive from Sarajevo.

The combination of natural beauty and an authentic rural atmosphere makes this village, adorned with distinctive shepherd’s huts known as katuni, a charming retreat.


The nearby Studeno Polje Valley, featuring the renowned Studeni stream, adds to the allure, resembling a winding snake when viewed from a distance.


Umoljani’s landscape, perfect for hiking and mountain biking, surrounds visitors with breathtaking scenery.


It is complemented by historic landmarks such as a mosque with a unique tin minaret which is National Monument of Bosnia & Herzegovina), ancient watermills and necropolis of medieval tombstones-stecak, also National Monument of Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Serving as a starting point for top hiking routes on Bjelašnica, Umoljani becomes particularly vibrant on Sundays, attracting locals and tourists alike to savor traditional Bosnian cuisine amid the stunning mountain panoramas.


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