Church of St. George in Sopotnica

St. George’s Church is located four kilometers north of Goražde in the settlement of Donja Sopotnica. Situated in the Drina Valley, on the left bank of the river, at the foot of Gradina Hill, it stands at the point where the northern slope transitions into a gentle plateau. In close proximity to the church lies the main road connecting Goražde and Višegrad. This church, dedicated to St. George (known as “Sopotnica Church” among the locals), dates back to the mid-15th century, specifically to the year 1446. It is a legacy of Stefan Vukčić Kosača, historically renowned as the benefactor of numerous Orthodox monasteries and churches in the former region of Herzegovina. Adjacent to St. George’s Church, a monastery was established where one of the oldest printing presses in Bosnia and Herzegovina operated. Between 1519 and 1526, the printing press of Božidar Goraždanin supplied religious books to churches and monasteries shortly after the Ottoman occupation.

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