Franciscan Monastery & Church of St. John the Baptist | Franjevački samostan & Crkva sv. Ivana Krstitelja | Kraljeva Sutjeska


Building complex – the Franciscan monastery and the Church of St. John the Baptist in Kraljeva Sutjeska, together with the movable property in the monastery museum, is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Church of St. John the Baptist


Explore the stunning and monumental Church of St. John the Baptist, a historical gem whose earliest mention dates back to 1530, though it likely stood long before that time.



The Sutjeska Monastery, with its rich history and museum collection, bridges the present with the past, dating back to the era of Bosnian kings and bans. Despite being destroyed and rebuilt multiple times, it has been active for nearly six and a half centuries.



The monastery museum houses a remarkable collection, including:

  • Thirty ancient paintings.
  • About thirty old chalices, the oldest from the 15th century.
  • Crosses, candlesticks, and silver candelabras from 1802 by Bishop Fra Grgo Ilic.
  • A rich collection of church textiles, primarily from the 18th century, with some items dating even earlier.

Library and Archives


The monastery library is renowned for its invaluable and rare exhibits from the distant past, including:

  • 31 incunabula, making it the richest library in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Numerous works by Bosnian writers in the Bosnian script.
  • Other old books in foreign languages, some luxuriously bound.



All visits are accompanied by a guide and with prior notice:
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