Svrzo’s House | Svrzina kuća | Sarajevo

A Glimpse into Sarajevo’s 18th and 19th Century Urban Muslim Lifestyle

Explore the rich urban Muslim heritage of Sarajevo at Svrzo House, a historical residence from the late 18th and throughout the 19th century. Originally built by the prestigious Glodo family, this house passed into the hands of another esteemed family, the Svrzos, through marriage.

Svrzo House is a quintessential example of architecture from that era. It is divided into two parts: the “selamluk,” which served as the male and public area, and the “haremlik,” the female and family section of the house. Within its walls, you’ll find “halvati” (spacious rooms on the ground and upper floors), “čardaci” (beautifully protruding upper sections of the house with panoramic city views), storage rooms, “kamerije” (wooden balconies overlooking the courtyard), “ćoškovi” (additional protruding sections of the house), and a summer house adorned with “musandras” (ornate wooden partitions) and “sećijas.” The whole property is enclosed by tall external walls, ensuring the privacy of the family’s intimate life from the bustling streets.

Don’t miss the chance to step back in time and witness the elegance and lifestyle of Sarajevo’s urban Muslim families during this period at Svrzo House.


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