Mostar Landmarks

Fortica | Mostar

Nestled atop Fortica hill at 500 meters, Fortica Sports and Adventure Park offers thrilling activities amidst stunning Mostar views. Zip line enthusiasts can enjoy Bosnia and Herzegovina’s longest ride, while climbers can conquer rugged terrain via Ferrata. Hikers and bikers explore scenic trails, with a mountain hut providing cozy accommodation for up to 12 guests. It’s more than a viewpoint; it’s an adventure haven!

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Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque | Koski Mehmed-pašina džamija | Mostar

Discover the enchanting Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque in Mostar, its history dating back to 1618. Named after its founder, Mehmed Koski, the mosque suffered damage during the 1993 war, but meticulous restoration has restored its glory. Ascend the minaret for a breathtaking 360-degree view, though caution is advised on the narrow steps. The mosque’s interior boasts original colors and decorations, with a precious carpet gifted by Emperor Franz Joseph I. Immerse yourself in this historic gem, situated in Mostar’s oldest district, offering a unique charm and a panoramic spectacle of the iconic Old Bridge.

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Kajtaz House | Kajtazova kuća | Mostar

Explore the historic Kajtaz House in Mostar’s “Ružni sokak” near Lučki Bridge, dating back to 1520. This architectural marvel, built by Judge Kajtaz, reflects a harmonious blend of stone and wood, standing for nearly 500 years. Discover the enchanting female quarters and remnants of the judge’s tower, now a welcoming ancestral home. The Haremlik, courtyard, and kitchen unveil tales of a bygone era, showcasing a luxurious lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the captivating details, including separate hamams and ingenious communication doors. Transport to the past with artifacts and manuscripts, leaving a donation to appreciate warm hospitality. Don’t miss other preserved Turkish houses like Muslibegović and Biščević for a richer Mostar experience.

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War Photo Exhibition in Mostar

The War Photo Exhibition in Mostar is a museum dedicated to documenting the Bosnian War (1992-1995) and its impact on the city and its people. It serves as a powerful reminder of the atrocities and suffering that occurred during this devastating conflict. The exhibition is located in the heart of Mostar’s Old Town and features

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Muslibegovic House – Hotel & Museum | Muslibegovića kuća | Mostar

Step into history at Muslibegovića Kuća, a jewel of Ottoman architecture in Mostar. This national monument, financed by Mehmed Muslibegović in the 18th century, preserves its original allure. With distinctive rooms, including a haremlik and economic section, the complex boasts captivating courtyards and a summer kitchen. Hosting treasures like a Quran in gold and white, it now offers rental rooms, transforming into a heritage hotel. Recognized by Expedia, it invites you to relish Ottoman opulence. Discover the allure of Muslibegovića Kuća, where history comes alive in the heart of Mostar.

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