Yellow Fortress | Žuta Tabija | Sarajevo

The Yellow Fortress (Žuta Tabija) is a historic fortification located on a hill overlooking the old town of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built during the Ottoman period and served as a defensive structure, offering strategic views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

Today, the Yellow Fortress is a popular tourist attraction and provides visitors with panoramic views of Sarajevo and the surrounding area. It is especially popular at sunset and is a great spot for photography.


During Ramadan in Sarajevo, the city comes alive with a festive atmosphere as many restaurants and cafes offer iftar, the meal that breaks the fast at sunset. The old town of Baščaršija is especially lively during Ramadan, with street vendors selling traditional sweets and drinks, and mosques hosting special evening prayers. The Yellow Fortress, as well as other historical sites in the city, are also popular places to visit during Ramadan. Many people come to the fortress to enjoy the panoramic views of the city while breaking their fast at sunset.

During Ramadan, a cannon is fired every evening from the Yellow Fortress in Sarajevo to signal the end of the daily fast.

The cannon firing is a traditional practice that has been observed in Sarajevo for centuries, and it is a significant event that is eagerly anticipated by both locals and visitors. The sound of the cannon can be heard throughout the city and marks the time when Muslims can break their fast and enjoy an evening meal with family and friends.

   Caffe Kamarija-Point of view

Kamarija viewpoint in Sarajevo offers a stunning panoramic view of the city, including the historic center and the surrounding mountains.

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