Sarajevo – Bihać – Sarajevo in 3 days

Embark on a captivating 3-day journey from Sarajevo to Bihac and back, immersing yourself in the rich history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Day 1.

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As we embark on our journey from Sarajevo to Bihac, we recommend taking a refreshing break at the scenic Balkana Lake and indulging in a rejuvenating stay at a nearby hotel.

Balkana Lake

Continuing our adventure, we make our way to the enchanting town of Kljuc, where the majestic Old Town awaits us with its rich history and breathtaking sights.

Old Town Kljuc

While on our journey from Sarajevo to Bihac, we had the pleasure of experiencing an intriguing natural phenomenon in the vicinity of Bosanski Petrovac – sinkholes. These geological formations, known as sinkholes or vrtace in the local language, are fascinating natural depressions in the ground caused by the dissolution of limestone.

Explore the captivating landscapes created by these sinkholes, marvel at their unique shapes, and witness the extraordinary forces of nature at work.


In the evening, we dine at the charming ethno village of Cardaklije, immersing ourselves in the traditional cuisine and warm ambiance.

Ethno Village Cardaklije

Finally, we arrive in Bihac, our destination for the night, ready to rest and recharge for the exciting experiences that lie ahead.

Day 2.

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As the morning light graces our surroundings, we wake up to the serene beauty of the emerald-green Una River.

Beautiful Una River

Sipping our morning coffee, we delight in the playful scenes of children, ducks, and dogs reveling in the charms of the river.

Girl from Una

Our adventure begins with a city tour of Bihac, crossing the charming river islands in the heart of the city, where the Girl from Una monument captures our attention.

Historical center

Immersed in the city’s history, we visit the iconic landmarks like the Captain’s Tower, Fethija Mosque, the town’s church, and the entire historical center.

Japodske Otoke

After a leisurely morning, we set out on our journey to the magnificent Una National Park. On our way, we explore the Japodske Otoke, reveling in their unique natural ambiance.

Martin Brod Waterfalls

Our next stop is Martin Brod, where we encounter the awe-inspiring Martin Brod Waterfalls and indulge in a picturesque walk above the cascades.

Continuing our journey after visiting Martin Brod, we embark on an enchanting route leading us to the renowned Strbacki Buk waterfall. As we pass by Kulen Vakuf and its charming towers, the captivating beauty of nature accompanies us throughout the entire route.

Štrbački buk Waterfall

Arriving at Strbacki Buk, we are greeted by the thunderous roar of the waterfall cascading down the rugged cliffs. The mesmerizing sight leaves us in awe as we take in the majestic surroundings. A short hike allows us to explore different viewpoints, offering breathtaking panoramas of Strbacki Buk’s grandeur.

River Dock restaurant

Returning to Bihac, where we will spend the night, we head to the River Dock restaurant for dinner. Here, we relish a unique culinary experience as we enjoy a meal served on boats floating on the tranquil waters of the Una River.

An unforgettable day of exploration comes to a close, leaving us with cherished memories of Bihac’s natural wonders and cultural treasures.

Day 3.

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Hotel Kostelski Buk

On our journey back to Sarajevo, we start the day with a delightful breakfast at the charming Hotel Kostelski Buk. The restaurant buzzes with a mix of hotel guests, fellow travelers like ourselves, and adventurous souls gearing up for an exhilarating rafting experience nearby.

Castle Ostrozac

Our next stop is the astonishing Castle Ostrozac, a true architectural gem. It underwent fascinating transformations across three historical periods, each showcasing distinct contours and architectural features of its time, adorned with captivating sculptures carved from the local Bihacit stone.

Green Islands | Zeleni Otoci

Continuing towards Bosanska Krupa, a city known for its multicultural heritage and enchanting Green Islands, we find a perfect spot to refresh and revitalize.

Bliha Waterfall

The journey continues in the direction of Sarajevo, where we make a stop before Sanski Most to visit the breathtaking Bliha Waterfall. A short and invigorating hike leads us to this hidden gem, rewarding us with stunning views.

Ribnjak Semesnica

As the road trip comes to a close, we conclude our memorable adventure with a delightful dinner at Ribnjak Semesnica. The restaurant’s warm ambiance and mouthwatering dishes provide a perfect end to our journey, leaving us with cherished memories of the remarkable landscapes and cultural wonders we discovered throughout our trip. As we bid farewell to this picturesque region, we carry with us a heart full of cherished experiences and a promise to return one day.

Conclusion: After exploring all the incredible destinations on this journey, would we do it differently next time? Absolutely! We’d plan for an extra day to extend our stay and experience the thrill of rafting on the stunning Una River. This adventure has left us craving more of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s natural wonders and cultural treasures, and we can’t wait to return for even more unforgettable memories. Until then, we carry the magic of this trip in our hearts and look forward to the next adventure in this enchanting country.

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